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Some experimental tracks to push the boundaries of the boy treble repertoire. "Swing" because they swing, and "Sadness" because the boys are about to lose their treble voice - for ever! Recorded by Louis Desire (France Has Got Talent) and Sam Adams-Nye (BBC Chorister of the Year).  From an idea by David Adams




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19 tracks recorded over a four-year period to demonstrate how a boy treble voice develops and matures between the ages of ten and thirteen.  Artist: Max Matthew (National Boys Choir of Scotland).

The Ash Grove

Age 10:05

Mozart: Agnus Dei 

Age 11:09

Handel: He Shall Feed His Flock Age12:09

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The first twelve pieces of the OUP choral series for cambiata voices.  Recorded by a range of choirs including NYCOS Changing Voices and Warwickshire County Boys Choir

Two Spirituals

NYCOS Changing Voices

Not Too Fast

Warwickshire County

Gospel Train

King's Macclesfield

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